My Vista Experience, Pt. 1 ½

2007-03-08 22:53:00 +0100

Today only two screenshots made with Vista’s “Snipping Tool” (by the way, very cool)…
This is the new Windows Control Panel with all new icons and the new “Windows Update”:



My Vista Experience, Pt. 1

2007-03-07 23:12:00 +0100

I finally did it… The voices in my head told me to… I couldn’t resist any longer… So I ordered “Windows Vista Home Premium” at Amazon and installed it. In the following I’d like to share my first steps in this shiny new “World of Vista”.

First a little more detailed view on my hardware:



Installing Feisty in VMware

2007-02-25 17:31:00 +0100

The main goal of installing VMware of course is installing Feisty in VMware. Installing other operating systems in VMware doesn’t differ from the method described below, so go ahead and try! There’s also help available here.



Installing VMware Server on Edgy

2007-02-10 20:10:00 +0100

With VMware Server being free now, there’s a great tool available for testing different operating systems, which is very good if you like to have a sneak at coming versions of Ubuntu without “damaging” your main system. The installation of VMware under Ubuntu is straight forward and I never had problems with it, but here’s a little HOWTO:



Edgy: recent kernel update & nvidia driver

2007-02-09 23:46:00 +0100

The recent security fixes for Edgy included a kernel update to version 2.6.17-11, which left me with a non starting X server. However, I booted the old kernel and everything was fine. So I had a look at the problem.

I’m using the default Ubuntu nVidia drivers (nvidia-glx package) but the kernel update did not automatically update the linux-restricted-modules package, so the nVidia kernel module was missing for the new kernel 2.6.17-11. Installing this package manually resolved the problem and now I’m running the new kernel. I think, it should be added automatically when updating… (Kind of déjà vu from Dapper?)