WBT-201 & Fedora 10 (building RPMs)

4 minute read

Of course I wanted my Wintec WBT-201 gps logging device to work with Fedora as it did with Debian/Ubuntu (see this post). And after playing around a little i...

“gpsbabel 1.3.5” for Ubuntu Hardy

1 minute read

Ubuntu Hardy Heron is out but sadly it comes with a rather old version of gpsbabel: 1.3.3. To read data from my Wintec WBT-201 I need at least gpsbabel versi...

WBT-201 & Debian/Ubuntu

3 minute read

As I liked the idea of geo tagging my pictures I decided to buy Wintec’s WBT-201 GPS logger. It’s a neat little device and fits into every pocket - so no pro...