Creative Zen & Debian

2008-03-09 17:02:00 +0100

Since I recently became the proud owner of Creative’s Zen (8GB) mp3 player I wanted to make it work with Linux. So I prepared myself for some hours of google-ing and configuring and trying… But, I was sooo wrong! It’s (almost) as easy as plug and play! ;-) (=> Thanks to!)



Creative Zen (& Explorer problems...)

2008-03-02 22:28:00 +0100

My Creative Zen Xtra (30GB) is a little big so I was up for a new and smaller MP3 player. I decided to buy Creative’s Zen (8GB). It’s a quite handy device and so far it works good. First thing you should do though is updating the firmware. Download it from Creative’s Support website and execute the downloaded file (Windows only…).



WBT-201 & Debian/Ubuntu

2008-02-20 18:03:00 +0100

As I liked the idea of geo tagging my pictures I decided to buy Wintec’s WBT-201 GPS logger. It’s a neat little device and fits into every pocket - so no problem carrying it with you all the time. Of course it comes with some software to export the geo data and tagging your pictures with it. And of course it’s Windows only (and maybe MacOS, but not sure about this). The good news is, the WBT-201 works with Linux, too. By the time of writing I’m running sidux for amd64, which is kind of Debian Sid, and Ubuntu Gutsy for i386 on my laptop.



Linux Documentation: Management Style ;-)

2008-01-09 22:57:00 +0100

Recently my attention was brought to a small snippet of the kernel documentation which was really funny. It was about “taking the blame”. I then installed the kernel docs of my Linux distro (Ubuntu Gutsy: apt-get install linux-doc) and found the whole document here: /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.22/Documentation/ManagementStyle.gz



Updating phpBB2 forum to phpBB3 via local installation

2008-01-07 21:52:00 +0100

Recently I upgraded a phpBB2 powered forum to the new phpBB3. I theory, this shouldn’t be a problem as the new version provides a script which transfers the old database tables to the new ones. In my case, the conversion stopped somewhere when importing the old database tables. It gave me an error with something like “…end of script…“ - that was it. I guess this was due to some PHP/Apache settings and as my forum is hosted by a simple webhoster, I had no chance of dealing with the settings (no root access). If you run into the same problems maybe the following can be of help.