Updating phpBB2 forum to phpBB3 via local installation

2008-01-07 21:52:00 +0100

Recently I upgraded a phpBB2 powered forum to the new phpBB3. I theory, this shouldn’t be a problem as the new version provides a script which transfers the old database tables to the new ones. In my case, the conversion stopped somewhere when importing the old database tables. It gave me an error with something like “…end of script…“ - that was it. I guess this was due to some PHP/Apache settings and as my forum is hosted by a simple webhoster, I had no chance of dealing with the settings (no root access). If you run into the same problems maybe the following can be of help.


(K)Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

2007-12-29 19:03:00 +0100

About two months ago Ubuntu 7.10 aka “Gutsy Gibbon” was released and I couldn’t resist… So I first gave the KDE flavored amd64 version of Kubuntu a chance which worked very good. Out of curiosity I recently changed to Ubuntu with Gnome desktop.


Etch & Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T XS

2007-11-27 23:03:00 +0100

As Linux is my main OS I always wanted to make my USB DVB-T stick work with it. Luckily this worked and thanks to some very good HOWTOs (look here and here) I managed to watch TV with Etch. First of all you should have a look at the Em2880 wiki and see if your USB device is supported. Then make sure those packages are installed on your system:


WP Theme "MDAGM" released

2007-11-17 18:53:00 +0100

This is the release of my first Wordpress theme: “Modernpaper Dark And Green Mod”. As already mentioned, it’s based on “Modernpaper 1.0” by Performancing, so most of the credit goes to them.


A new theme - again

2007-11-10 23:06:00 +0100

I was still looking around for a new Wordpress theme and finally found one which I liked: “Modernpaper” by Performancing. The layout is simple and clean and the only thing I didn’t like was the color scheme. I wanted something darker with some green in it. So I started changing Modernpaper’s css file here and there and did some minor modifications to the top navbar and a few other elements: when reading a post in single view it’s tags are now listed at the bottom. What came out at the end was “Modernpaper-dark-and-green-mod” theme. You may download it soon!