Fedora 38

2023-05-06 18:49:26 +0200

With version 38 just being released I decided to give Fedora a try again. From time to time I’d like to check out how things are going with other distributions. And sometimes it’s nice to have really current versions of your favorite applications. ;-) So I replaced my beloved Debian 11 with Fedora 38.



Creating your own custom CA

2023-02-21 18:12:26 +0100

As the constant security warnings displayed by my browser when accessing my local infrastructure annoyed me already for a long time I decided to look into the task of creating my own custom CA (“certificate authority”). There is not a lot of “local infrastructure” to be honest, basically my router and NAS drive. Anyway, I tend to access those via https and thus generating a warning by my browser telling me this site has no valid certificate. Of course, devices like this run with self-signed certificates, unknown to any browser.




2022-11-13 14:48:50 +0100

Recently this post about Keyoxide came up in my Mastodon timeline and of course made me curious. Turns out Keyoxide is a little like Keybase: based on GPG you can claim an identitiy and have to add a prove then. At first it might be a little confusing because in Keyoxide you cannot just sign up for profile but in fact it’s pretty straight forward and simple - I really like this approach!




2022-10-21 14:38:25 +0200

Countries which heavily censor internet access usually have a non-democratic and oppressive government - and thus very likely no free press (s. currently Iran or Russia for example). Sometimes the only way to receive or post information about what is actually happening in those countries is by circumventing the censorship by using VPNs or tools like “Snowflake”.



UnifiedPush and ntfy

2022-06-25 19:09:06 +0200

Running an Android phone without Google’s proprietary Play Services - which drain your phone’s battery like mad - comes with the downside of not being able to receive push notifications. As I’m running CalyxOS with microG enabled basically all apps from Play Store (via Aurora Store) still will receive push notifications. However, if I have the choice I always opt for installing apps via F-Droid and those apps have all proprietary code removed and thus the dependency on Play Services.