WP Theme "MDAGM" released

2007-11-17 18:53:00 +0100

This is the release of my first Wordpress theme: “Modernpaper Dark And Green Mod”. As already mentioned, it’s based on “Modernpaper 1.0” by Performancing, so most of the credit goes to them.



A new theme - again

2007-11-10 23:06:00 +0100

I was still looking around for a new Wordpress theme and finally found one which I liked: “Modernpaper” by Performancing. The layout is simple and clean and the only thing I didn’t like was the color scheme. I wanted something darker with some green in it. So I started changing Modernpaper’s css file here and there and did some minor modifications to the top navbar and a few other elements: when reading a post in single view it’s tags are now listed at the bottom. What came out at the end was “Modernpaper-dark-and-green-mod” theme. You may download it soon!



Installing sidux

2007-10-29 17:06:00 +0100

As already mentioned, sidux is a pretty nice Linux distro and I’m beginning to like it a lot! I’m running sidux for quite a while now and thought I’d share some of my experiences. So, this is how I installed sidux on my 64bit AMD box and how it worked for me.

As always, download the image (if you do a fresh install, always get the latest image!), check it’s md5 sum and burn it. The sidux manual says it’s very important to burn the image in DAO mode and not faster than 8x. Yes, they really stress on that!



Back online!

2007-10-23 22:17:00 +0200

Shortly after funzt.info was being hacked I had some trouble with my webhoster, so I decided to change. Due to this, funzt.info was down for a while.
This was my first time moving a domain to another hoster, but everything went very well and now this site should be back online again!

And again, a new design. This one was also made by headsetoptions (like the former orange/dark one), I’ve just added some minor color modifications.
And stay tuned, the promised “Installing-Sidux-HOWTO” will follow!



funzt.info been hacked

2007-10-21 20:54:00 +0200

Two weeks ago funzt.info was hacked. Some guy called “geek hacker” managed to replace index.php with his own and this is what showed up in your browser: