Post been hacked

Two weeks ago was hacked. Some guy called “geek hacker” managed to replace index.php with his own and this is what showed up in your browser:


I don’t know what’s the sense in this is supposed to be? He claims that “Linux rules” and destroys a site which is mainly about Linux? Looking at the source of his page made me laugh though:

<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">

I guess it wasn’t to hard to do this hack. I always update everything regularly but at some point I need to rely on my webhoster which doesn’t allow tweaking all settings.

Luckily I found a database backup which I made a few days earlier so I managed to recover all of my blog’s content. As I didn’t know what he did to the files on my webspace, I deleted them all. Sadly I had no backup of my modified theme… OK, lesson learned. Hope you like the new layout!

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