Ubuntu and SUSE

As I already mentioned I recently changed from Ubuntu to SUSE. Why? To sum it up: I was up for a change! :-) And I liked the way SUSE integrated 32bit Software into their 64bit OS.

Ubuntu is one of the best distros I ever used (and maybe will again). The installation is quick and simple and no package-management can compete with Debian’s apt. And this is the main weakness of SUSE: Novell’s “ZENworks” package-system is a piece of sh… But there are ways to work around that issue. So here is a short and of course personal comparison of those two distros with pros and cons (always in mind that I’m talking about the 64bit version):

Ubuntu’s pros:
  • quick and easy installation (with the default “desktop-installation” CD)
  • excellent package-management
  • good and friendly community support
  • not “bloated” with lots of software you’ll never need
SUSE’s pros:
  • flash- and java-plugin (by mixing 32bit Firefox with 64bit OS)
  • default firewall
  • easy way to adjust installation to your needs
Ubuntu’s cons:
  • no flash- or java-plugin (amd64)
  • no default firewall
SUSE’s cons:
  • package-management (whether you would use “yast” or “rug”…)
  • a bit “bloated”
  • installation takes a while…

I will go into some details on installing SUSE later. For the time being, here’s a screenshot of my desktop ;-)

SUSE desktop

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