"googlecl" RPM for Fedora

Recently Google released a command line tool to manage it’s many different services: googlecl. This might be handy for those who want to script some operations.

It’s quite simple to use, i.e.:

$ google picasa post title <PHOTOALBUM> /path/to/photo.jpg

would upload “photo.jpg” to the Picasa album . Run

$ google --help

for more options or have a look at this page.

Google provides the source code or a Debian/Ubuntu package (here), but no rpm. So, if you like you may download the one I built for Fedora 13 (i386) (requires package python-gdata - install it via yum install python-gdata): (md5sum: 664dbeca9a5f7c45ded34fe3c1e33b26)

Or the source rpm: (md5sum: 4c5abcd623ac625f3eaa8339a6806954)

This post is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 by the author.