A little “nerd-off-topic”, but as I’m a big fan of Depeche Mode since the days of “Master and Servant” and “People are People” back in 1984, I’d like to mention that they recently released a new single called “Martyr” which is not featured on their last album “Playing the Angel”. The song sounds a little more electronic than most of the songs on “Playing the Angel” (except for “Precious”) but would have easily fitted on it as well. Though I think (after listening to it a few times) they had better songs, it’s good DM stuff and if you like Depeche Mode, you’ll certainly like “Martyr”!


The one thing that disappoints me are the remixes of their singles. Until the mid 90s they really had some great remixes or extended versions. Just think of “Are People People”, “Behind the Wheel” or “Walking in my Shoes” - to name a few. But nowadays all their remixes sound crappy… They’re always kind of dancefloor tuned and hate it! I think those remixes have nothing to do with the kind of music which Depeche Mode stands for. Well, just my humble opinion…

“Martyr” will be featured on the forthcoming Album “The Best of… Vol.1”. I don’t know if it’s themselves or their record company who pushes out a “Best of” or other kind of DM compilation in between new albums. OK, of course I gotta have it… Maybe that’s why they’re releasing stuff like that? ;-)

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