VMware with kernel 2.6.38 [updated for kernel 2.6.39]

2011-08-07 16:43:00 +0200

Running Debian Squeeze with the latest kernel 2.6.38 from Debian Backports I had some trouble getting VMware Player to work. Once started it complained about not being able to compile the “vmnet” kernel module. I found the solution here and this is how you can make it work.



Debian is back...

2011-02-13 18:01:00 +0100

Updated Nvidia installation howto on May, 22nd 2012

…on my computer! What is (in my opinion) the greatest of all operating systems is back: Debian 6.0 aka “squeeze” was released last weekend. Of course as always with new Debian releases - compared to other recently released Linux distributions - the software which comes with squeeze is rather “old”, i.e.: Linux kernel 2.6.32, Gnome 2.30, KDE 4.5, OpenOffice 2.3. That’s the price you have to pay for a very stable operating system. For the first time the default installation media has no “non-free” software on board. This might be tricky for those who depend on non-free firmware to get W-LAN running! (In this case see the Debian documentation here.)



HTC Desire

2011-01-07 22:18:00 +0100

Since about 3/4 of a year now I’m the proud owner of an Android powered smartphone: I decided to go with HTC’s Desire which is kind of a rebuilt of Google’s Nexus One (which was also manufactured by HTC). It’s been a while since it’s first appearance so naturally there are already newer phones available succeeding the “original” Desire. And of course there are already plenty of reviews available on the net - but however, those are my two cents. ;-)



Samsung R780 with Ubuntu 10.10

2010-11-01 21:22:00 +0100

I wanted to replace my desktop computer by a laptop for quite a while now and as it started to randomly freeze - no matter which OS it ran - I decided the right time has come now. I did some online research and then picked a Samsung R780 Helix (link in German). The bare technical facts:



"googlecl" RPM for Fedora

2010-07-03 21:04:00 +0200

Recently Google released a command line tool to manage it’s many different services: googlecl. This might be handy for those who want to script some operations.